A little taste of the healthcare content and copy I've written.

Technical Writing



Initio, a healthcare tech company specializing in fertility monitoring, was in need of a healthcare writer to review and revise text for their "User Guide" as well as their mobile application.


I worked with Inito to polish their text, tone, and voice before their U.S. product launch.

Content Writing



As a regular contributor to Seniorliving.org, I've written thoroughly researched articles and content on senior health care, health insurance, medical devices, and retirement living.

A Guide to Assisted Living

Home Modifications for Seniors

"Morgan always delivers high-quality content with amazing speed. Extremely responsive and great to work with!"

––Aayush Rai, co-founder of Inito


"Morgan is an excellent writer. She takes a project and runs with it.


She has great ideas on how to improve a concept. Morgan communicates very well and is a pleasure to work with."

––Art, K2 Scientific

Blog Writing


K2 Scientific was in need of regular blog posts written in accordance with SEO best practices.


As a leading cold storage supplier, I partnered with K2 Scientific to create expertly sourced articles to engage potential customers and boost SEO. Blogs were written on a variety of pharma and cold storage topics.

Cold Storage Tips for Pharmacists

COVID Vaccine Storage Temperature: Why the Deep Freeze?