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Write Physician Profiles that Connect with New Patients

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Many of us take to the internet when looking for a new doctor. In fact, when surveyed, 76 percent of people said they found a healthcare provider online. So, well-written physician profiles on your website are essential. These mini introductions can earn the trust of prospective patients. And, make them feel comfortable before setting foot in your office.

As a healthcare content writer, I’ve written dozens of provider bios. Here are a few key elements that will make your doctors shine and engage new patients.


Know Your Audience

You’re speaking to regular humans who, most likely, have not gone to medical school. Steer clear of medical jargon. If your wording choice may send the reader on a hunt to decode medical lingo, it shouldn't be in the physician profile.

Here is a shortlist of medical terms you could replace with simpler words.

  • Pulmonary with lung

  • Geriatric with senior

  • Renal with kidney

  • Acute with short-term

  • Benign with harmless

  • Coronary with heart

Get Personal

Lining out a doctor’s prestigious academic history can be impressive. But, I like to think that a personal quote from the physician explaining why they chose to attend medical school is just as impactful, if not more. Including hobbies and interests can also loosen up a profile that sounds too stiff. These personal touches humanize the doctor.

From a care perspective, think about including their care philosophy and specialty. For example, if the provider focuses on preventative medicine or managing complex conditions. This can sway a reader, as many people want to see a doctor who has a similar philosophy that meets their healthcare needs.

Mix in Comedic Relief

Humor strengthens trust. So, incorporating humor in your physician profiles can put new patients at ease. Perhaps you have a doctor in your practice who is always wearing funky socks. Or, a specialist who dresses as Santa Claus around the holidays. Including those quirks can be fun! Besides, who doesn’t love a good laugh?

List Accepted Health Insurance

People definitely care whether or not your provider excepts their insurance. Don’t forget to include this important detail from your physician profiles. Make sure it is easy to find on the page. You don’t want your visitors having to hunt too hard to figure out if the provider is in-network or not.

Include an Updated Headshot

This can simply not be overlooked! All too often, clinics and hospitals have a gray box representing their providers. Headshots are an investment, but it’s worth the cost. Seeing the doctor's smile is like a virtual handshake. And, according to Doximity, physician profiles with photos are viewed twice more than profiles without a headshot. So, if you’re doctor is camera shy, tell them they’re missing out on potential patients.

Hire an Experienced Physician Profile Writer

A physician profile is a go-to resource for many prospective patients. A well-written one can be the difference between connecting with a new patient or sending them on their way. If you need assistance writing physician profiles, or simply don't have the time to write them, I'm here to help. Reach out here.

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